307 MW SIEMENS Gas Turbine

300 mw gas turbine power plant
300 mw used gas turbine
siemens used gas turbine power plant


300 MW SIEMENS Used Gas Turbine


It is an heavy duty gas turbine model SGT5-4000F. The machine is characterized by single casing and axaial flowdesign.

  • Manufacturer: SIEMENS
  • Manufacture Year: 2011

Generator Package

It is an Air-Cooled Generator, SGen5-1000A Type characterized by:

  • Rating: 328 MVA
  • Voltage: 20 kV
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Speed: 3000 RPM
  • Power Factor: 0.85
  • Coolant: Water-to-Air Cooled(TEWAC)

For simple-cycle gas turbine and multi-shaft combined-cycle power plants. The SGen5-1000A generator main features are;

  • world class efficiency with low maintenance design;
  • multi-zone, indirectly cooled stator windings;
  • roebelled stator windings with brazed solid end connections;
  • radially ventilated stator core attached to bedplate;
  • global Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (GVPI) stator core and stator winding;

10 kA Battery, Charger, DC/DC

Converter, Inverter The battery voltage ranges are as follows:

  • number of cells: 108
  • design operating voltage: 220V;
  • rated voltage: 216V (2.00V/cell);
  • float charge voltage: 241V (2.23V/cell);
  • boost charge voltage: 259V (2.40 V/cell);
  • minimum discharge voltgae: 198 V (1.83 V/cell);
  • cubicle color: RAL7035

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