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coal fired plant

137 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Model : N 137.5  Rated power : 137.5 MW Rated speed : 300 r/min Inlet pressure : 13.24 MPa Inlet Temperature : 535 oC Inlet pressure : 2.27 MPa Inlet temperature : 535 oC Exhaust pressure : 4.9 KPa Cooling water temperature : 20 oC Q ‘ ty : 1 set Manufacturer : Shanghai Steam Turbine Generator Model : QFS-137.5-2 Rated power :

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Coal Power Plant

55 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Turbine:Siemens Fabr.Nr. 4122 Power output:55.000 kW Live steam pressure:90 bar Live steam temperature:525°C Design Pressure: 108 bar Steam generation:190 t/h Moto rating: 150 kW Generator Generator: WSW Rated output:62.500 kVA Nominal voltage:10.5 kV Nominal amperage:3440 A Transformers Apparent power:60.000 kVA Upper voltage:125 kV Lower voltage: 10.5 kV For detail information about oil refinery

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230 MW HFO Power Plant

230 MW Dual Power Plant

Gas Fuel System· Natural gas only· Stainless steel gas piping· Duplex gas strainer· Off base gas fuel module in a standardized location· Gas fuel temperature < 365°F (185°C)· Gas fuel heating system— Electric heater, full load· Gas fuel cleaning equipment— Fuel gas scrubber, cyclone type· Duplex, low pressure fuel filters, on-base Dual Fuel (gas and

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676 MW Coal Fired Power Plant

676 MW Used Coal Power Plant

Net Power: 676 MW Commissioning: 1997 Heating: Coal Steam Generators Manufacturer: Energy and Process Engineering GmbH(EVT) Type: RP1043X Steam Output: 2.200 t/h Year: 1998 Power: 2200 t steam/h Temperature Steam: 537oC Steam Turbine Manufacturer: Siemens Year / In Operation: 1978 / 1979 Type: Axial condensing turbine HD-MD-ND Series Fbr.-Nr7222 Power: 740 MW Speed: 3000 n/m

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5,5 MW Biomass Power Plant

5.5 MW Biomass Power Plant

Fuel gas volume: 50.000 Nm3/h Temperature : 900oC Heating achievement: 25 MWth Fuel need: 7200 kg/h Biomass fuel: approx. 45000t/a Operation hours: approx.< 25.000h Live steam conditions: 420oC Gas burner Kettle food water suply Boiler food water Boiler ash handling system Reactor for Flue gas cleaning Dust filter arrangement Suction train blower Food water container Turbine bypass For detail information about oil refinery

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6,7 MW Biomass Power Plant

6.7 MW Biomass Power Plant

Steam turbine Model: T.V. 11 N° 4272 Inlet pressure : 45 bar Discharge pressure: 0,09 bar Inlet steam temperature: 440 °C Power: 6.700 Kw Control system: Woodward unit type 5005 Generator Supplier: CGE type ATB 2/7500 – N° 883130 – 3 phases Velocity: 3000 RPM Power: 7500 KVA Max current: 722 Amps Voltage: 6.000 Volts 3 phases winding + neutral center Water

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Gas Turbine Engine

DEUTZ 2 MW Gas Engine

Operating Hours: 59.595 Motor Type: TBG-604 CV-8 Main Maintenance: 48.000 h Generator Type: 1FC8409 Generator Power: 660 kVA Generator Manufacrurer Date: 1994 Air Cooling Brand Name: Friterm AC Power: 16 kW Type: FYKS 5024 C4 2,5 AC Manufacrurer Date: 2005 AC Number of Fans: 8 Power: 16 Kw Revolution: 880 d/dk Heat Room Type: WTG-GD 6.5 /16 Manufacturer Date: 1994 Volume: 250 lt Efficiency: 331 kW Operation

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2.2 mw Gas Engine

DEUTZ Used 2.2 MW Gas Engine

BE SOLD Gas Engine 1: Manufacturing Firm: Deutz Model No: TCG2020 12V Nominal Power : 1200 KW Fuel : Natural Gas Cylinder Number : 12 Rated Speed : 1500 h/h Rate of Compression : 13,5 :2 Manufacturing Year :2004 Generator 1: Manufacturing Firm : Marelli Motori Type: M8B 500 SD4 Manufacturing Date : 2004 Cooling

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gas engine generator


Engine Specifications 20SW34SG FUEL: Natural gas Power: 8730 kWh Heat reat: 8124 kj/ kWhe Efficiency: %43 50 DF FUEL: Natural gas, LFO and HFO Power: 8730 kWh at NG ; 15450 kWh at liquid fuel Heat reat: 7997 kj/ kWhe Efficiency: %45 These engines can run with two different fuels. They are more effective than

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