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Coal Power Plant

Coal Power Plant 600 MW

COAL FIRED POWER PLANT (SUPERCRITICAL) 600 MW NEW Unit power block is a coal-fired electric generating unit comprising a nominal 600 MW GE steam turbine, tandem-compound 4-flow single reheat unit with throttle conditions of 241 bar, 565°C/593°C. The Alstom steam generator is rated at approximately 2.100 tons per hour capable of burning bituminous coal only or

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coal fired power plant

1.5 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Model: N1.5 – 1.3 Rated Power: 1.5 MW Rated Speed: 6500 r/min Inlet pressure: 1.3 MPa Inlet Temperature: 340 oC Q’ty: 1pcs Generator Model: QFK-1.5-4/6300V Rated Power: 1.5 MW Rated Voltage: 6300V Power Factor: 0.8 Rated speed: 1500r/min Q’ty: 1pcs For detail information about oil refinery contact us.

used coal power plant

6 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Model: N6-3.43 Technical Specification Rated Power: 6 MW Rated Speed: 3000 r/min Inlet pressure: 3.43 MPa Inlet Temperature: 435oC Exhaust pressure: 0.0072 MPa Generator Model: QF-6-2/6300V Technical Specification: Rated power: 6MW Rated Speed: 3000r/min Rated voltage: 6300 V, Frequency: 50 Hz Cooling: Air cooling   For detail information about oil refinery contact us.

Second hand Coal Power Plant

Used 36 MW Back Pressure Coal Power Plant

Condition: ExcellentStatus: Installed on foundationNote: Euro 30 million upgrade in 2009 Coal Fuelled Boiler, producing;120 t/h of steam @ 149 bara / 535 CBack-pressure Turbo-generator, producing;5 MW @ 6.3 kV / 3 ph / 50 Hz & 120 t/h of steam @ 72 baraCondensing Turbo-generator, producing;31 MW @ 10.5 kV / 3 ph / 50 Hz   Fuel: CoalThermal

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coal fired plant

137 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Model : N 137.5  Rated power : 137.5 MW Rated speed : 300 r/min Inlet pressure : 13.24 MPa Inlet Temperature : 535 oC Inlet pressure : 2.27 MPa Inlet temperature : 535 oC Exhaust pressure : 4.9 KPa Cooling water temperature : 20 oC Q ‘ ty : 1 set Manufacturer : Shanghai Steam Turbine Generator Model : QFS-137.5-2 Rated power :

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Coal Power Plant

55 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Turbine:Siemens Fabr.Nr. 4122 Power output:55.000 kW Live steam pressure:90 bar Live steam temperature:525°C Design Pressure: 108 bar Steam generation:190 t/h Moto rating: 150 kW Generator Generator: WSW Rated output:62.500 kVA Nominal voltage:10.5 kV Nominal amperage:3440 A Transformers Apparent power:60.000 kVA Upper voltage:125 kV Lower voltage: 10.5 kV For detail information about oil refinery

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676 MW Coal Fired Power Plant

676 MW Used Coal Power Plant

Net Power: 676 MW Commissioning: 1997 Heating: Coal Steam Generators Manufacturer: Energy and Process Engineering GmbH(EVT) Type: RP1043X Steam Output: 2.200 t/h Year: 1998 Power: 2200 t steam/h Temperature Steam: 537oC Steam Turbine Manufacturer: Siemens Year / In Operation: 1978 / 1979 Type: Axial condensing turbine HD-MD-ND Series Fbr.-Nr7222 Power: 740 MW Speed: 3000 n/m

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