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used GE 380 MW power plant

130 MW Power Plant (Advantage Price)

GAS TURBINES Year Construction: 2001 Manufacturer: GE France Capacity: 40 MW Model – Type: PG 6581 B Gross Electricty Efficiency: 33% HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR Year of Construction: 2002 Manufacturer: SFL Standard Fasel Lentjes B.V Production of Steam(ton/hr): 65 ton / hour STEAM TURBINE Year Construction: 2002 Manufacture: GE Capacity: 50 mW Model – Type:

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used 65 mw combined cycle power plant

65 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant(Advantage Price)

Net Plant Output: 65 MW Confirugation: 1 GTG + 1 STG + 1 HRSG Fuel: Designed for Duel Fuel Combustion Cooling Type: Water system Net Efficiency: 49 % COD: October 2003 Major Maintainance Cycle, hours: 48.000 Last Major Overhaul: September 2011 Total Operating Hours: 56.500 Operating Hours Since Major Overhaul: 8.100 Total start since commissioning:

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used dual fuel power plant

127 MW GE 6F.01 Power Plant

GT-1 Manufactured: General Electric Model: Frame 6F.01 Rating: 40 MW Year: 2005 Exhaust gas temperature: 600 C GT-2 Manufactured: General Electric Model: Frame 6F.01 Rating: 40 MW Year: 2005 Exhaust gas temperature: 600 C Steam Turbine Manufactured: General Electric Rating: 40 MW Year: 2005 Entry pressure: 56 bar GT-1 Generator Manufacturer: VATEC-ELIN Rating: 40 MW Frequancy: 50 Hz   GT-2 Generator Manufacturer: VATEC-ELIN Rating: 40 MW Frequancy: 50 Hz   Equivalent Operating Hours after last

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Gas Power Plant

119 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine-1 Manufacturing Company: GE Model Number: LM6000PS Manufacturing date: 2004 Specification: Capacity 46.95 kWe (ISO) Compressor Speed: 10200 rpm Power Turbine Speed: 3600 rpm Compressor Blade Stages:14 stg HP  Pressure Turbine Stages: 2 stg Power Turbine Stages: 5 stg Gas Turbine-1 Generator Manufacturing Company: BRUSH Model Number: BDAX7-290 ERJT Manufacturing Date: 2004 Specification: Capacity Voltage:11500 V, current 3188 A IP: 20 Exciting Volatage: 225 V DC Steam Turbine Manufacturing

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1000 mw frame 9e gas turbine

1000 MW GE Combined Cycle

SOLD GE Frame 9E Gas Turbine 2 off 123 MWe GAS TURBINE-GENERATOR SET GAS TURBINE Manufacturer: European Gas Turbines Model: Frame 9E (9171) Licensor: General Electric Type: Heavy duty gas turbine Fuel: Natural Gas / Liquid Base Load Rating: 123,000 kWe Speed: 3,000 rpm   GENERATOR Manufacturer: GEC Alstom Model: TA9000GA Apparent Power: 147,00 kVA Active Power: 125,00 kW Power Factor: 0.85 Rated Speed: 3,000 rpm Voltage: 11,500 V

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used ge gas turbine

94.20 MW GE Gas Turbine

GE 94.20 MW GE Gas Turbine Installed power: 94,20 MW Type of Plant: Natural Gas Power Plant Gas Engine Models: 20v34SG & 16V34SG Units: 6×8,73 MW + 6×6,97 MW Commercial Date: 34.92 MW July 2006, 17,46 MW August 2008, 41,82 MW July 2009   Running Hours: 20V34SG; GE1; 47.923 GE2; 48.812 GE3; 48.486 GE4; 47.915 GE5: 37.453 GE6; 32.275 For detail information

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