150 MW Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine

Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine

Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine

Used Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine

Used Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine

150 MW Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine

Capacity of Turbine(Power): 150 MW

Year of Manufacture: 2007

Working Hours: 35.000

Turbine was maintained periodically by Siemens during the usage.


Generator or mechanical drive – the Siemens SST-600 is configured for many possible applications.

The flexible SST-600 packaging fits a broad range of customer needs. It can be designed for optimum back-fitting to an existing process, e.g. when a municipal utility is modernized.

Or, when space is limited, it can be adapted as a compact steam turbine package age with a small oil piping system, e.g. as a boiler feedwater pump drive.

Or it is also well suited where high-efficiency steam turbines are demanded with best-in-class blading and minimized losses.

Siemens SST-600 is the right answer to meet all of these different needs.


Generator drive in various packages

We deliver a standard steam turbine generator set including the SST-600 (with or without gearbox), a generator, oil system, piping and instrumentation and control system.

The standard package can be extended to include a condenser, condensing plant or pre-heating system.

Multi-casing solutions are also possible, enabling for example combined heat and power plants to easily respond to seasonal changes. In summer, when less district heating is needed, one turbine can be taken off the multi-casing steam turbine train.


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