The condensing turbine SST-400 is designed as follows:
• the turbine consists of: most blading rows are with shrouding and sealed by labyrinth strips two last rotor blading rows are without shrouding
• the HP steam is supplied to the turbine via an emergency stop flap by two control flaps; control flaps are actuated by high pressure actuators with electro-hydraulic transducers
• in the turbine stages the steam expands to a low pressure (vacuum)
• rotor is forged from a solid piece, stress relieved after machining
• symmetrical design of turbine casing and stationary blade carriers prevent distorted expansion
• the working medium contacts all sides of symmetrical turbine casing and stationary blade carriers, thereby making temperature changes simultaneously in rotor and stationary parts and hence uniform radial clearances and minimal danger of grazing
• one emergency stop flap incorporated in the live steam line is actuated by a high pressure oil actuator and receiving closing orders from the safety block
• the turboset is designed with two oil systems lube oil system with oil tank located in the base plate high pressure control oil and safety system with a separate oil supply unit
• two balance pistons with exchangeable labyrinth bush for thrust compensation
• shaft labyrinth with exchangeable inserts and leak-steam branches
• forced oil lubricated journal bearings and combined thrust bearing to ensure rotor positioning
• the bearing brackets are mounted on turbine casing in that way that they allow a different thermal expansion of these supports and turbine casing