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used GE 380 MW power plant

130 MW Power Plant (Advantage Price)

GAS TURBINES Year Construction: 2001 Manufacturer: GE France Capacity: 40 MW Model – Type: PG 6581 B Gross Electricty Efficiency: 33% HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR Year of Construction: 2002 Manufacturer: SFL Standard Fasel Lentjes B.V Production of Steam(ton/hr): 65 ton / hour STEAM TURBINE Year Construction: 2002 Manufacture: GE Capacity: 50 mW Model – Type:

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used 65 mw combined cycle power plant

65 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant(Advantage Price)

Net Plant Output: 65 MW Confirugation: 1 GTG + 1 STG + 1 HRSG Fuel: Designed for Duel Fuel Combustion Cooling Type: Water system Net Efficiency: 49 % COD: October 2003 Major Maintainance Cycle, hours: 48.000 Last Major Overhaul: September 2011 Total Operating Hours: 56.500 Operating Hours Since Major Overhaul: 8.100 Total start since commissioning:

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Used Power Plant Generators

Used Power Plant Generators 130 MW GE Gas Turbine Power Plant 2X65 MW GE Combined Cycle Power Plant 160 MW LM2500 GE Used Gas Turbine Power Plant 119 MW LM6000 GE Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant 1000 MW Frame 9E GE Used Power Plant 307 MW SGT5-4000F Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant 100 MW Frame 6B

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