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used siemens sgt-600 gas turbine

85 MW SIEMENS SGT-600 Gas Turbine

SIEMENS GT10B GAS TURBINE- SGT600/B2  Type : SGT-600 B2Gas Generator : B000918 Power Turbine: B000904Power Turbine Nominal Speed: 7700 rpmGas Generator Nominal Speed: 9770 rpmManufacturing Date: 2000Fuel Type: Natural gasRated Output Power: 24,6 MWeActual efficiency (for simple cycle) : %30-32Gas consumption (according to actual efficiency): 325-347 sm3/mw GENERATOR:  Manufacturer:            ABB

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second hand gas turbine power plant

4.2 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Turbine   Date of manufacture:1995  Power rating ISO:4.2 MW  Efficiency:% 27.92  Fuel Configuration:Natural Gas Mounting:Frame mounted  Acoustics:Yes  Operating Hours(Package):32000-;41772=9772 Operating Hours(GasGenerator): 32000-41772=9772 Operating Hours(Power Turbine): 32000-41772=9772 Number Starts:655  Special Tooling:Yes  Blance of Plant Turbine Control System:Modular  Main Air Filtranon House:Yes Air Dacung:Yes  Air Silencer:Yes  Exhaust Duct:Yes  Exhaust Silencer:Yes Yes Fire&Gas System:Yes x Fire&Gas Detectors:Yes  Main Gearbox   Type: Star RPM: 1500 Running hours: 41293 Alternator Date of

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