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used GE 380 MW power plant

130 MW Power Plant (Advantage Price)

GAS TURBINES Year Construction: 2001 Manufacturer: GE France Capacity: 40 MW Model – Type: PG 6581 B Gross Electricty Efficiency: 33% HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR Year of Construction: 2002 Manufacturer: SFL Standard Fasel Lentjes B.V Production of Steam(ton/hr): 65 ton / hour STEAM TURBINE Year Construction: 2002 Manufacture: GE Capacity: 50 mW Model – Type:

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Gas Power Plant

119 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine-1 Manufacturing Company: GE Model Number: LM6000PS Manufacturing date: 2004 Specification: Capacity 46.95 kWe (ISO) Compressor Speed: 10200 rpm Power Turbine Speed: 3600 rpm Compressor Blade Stages:14 stg HP  Pressure Turbine Stages: 2 stg Power Turbine Stages: 5 stg Gas Turbine-1 Generator Manufacturing Company: BRUSH Model Number: BDAX7-290 ERJT Manufacturing Date: 2004 Specification: Capacity Voltage:11500 V, current 3188 A IP: 20 Exciting Volatage: 225 V DC Steam Turbine Manufacturing

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used ge combined cycle for sale

50.3 MW Dual Power Plant

Total Power: 50.3 MW Gas Turbine: 39.7 MW Steam Turbine: 10.6 MW Fuel: Natural Gas Daily Production(Gross): 1.120 MWH Fuel Type: Natural Gas&Liquid Fuel (Dual) Total Power: 50.3 MW Gas Turbine Working Hours(1997-2008): 53.704 Gas Turbine Working Hours(2008-2013): 24.036 Gas Turbine Working Hours(Total): 77.740 Steam Turbine Working Hours: 62.105 Gas Turbine Brand name: GE LM 6000 PC Sprint Date of Startup: 2003 Production Year: 1997 Capacity: 39.7 MW 3600 Rpm GT

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second hand HFO Fired Power Plant

8 MW HFO Power Plant

Gas Turbine 3X8.440 KW = 25 320 KW 2 PIECE FUEL OIL MOTOR – BRAND-MAN 1 PIECE OF NATURAL GAS ENGINE – BRAND – MAN Diesel 1 Working hours: 35.842 Diesel 2 Working hours: 38.170 Diesel 3 Working hours: 38.170 Generator Brand:Leroy Somer Type:LSA 60 105P Type of Connection:3-phase – The Star Turnover:750 rpm / min. Generator Efficiency:97,3% Number

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coal fired plant

137 MW Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine Model : N 137.5  Rated power : 137.5 MW Rated speed : 300 r/min Inlet pressure : 13.24 MPa Inlet Temperature : 535 oC Inlet pressure : 2.27 MPa Inlet temperature : 535 oC Exhaust pressure : 4.9 KPa Cooling water temperature : 20 oC Q ‘ ty : 1 set Manufacturer : Shanghai Steam Turbine Generator Model : QFS-137.5-2 Rated power :

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Used Power Plant

Used Power Plant 130 MW GE Gas Turbine Power Plant 2X65 MW GE Combined Cycle Power Plant 160 MW LM2500 GE Gas Turbine Power Plant 119 MW LM6000 GE Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant 1000 MW Frame 9E GE Power Plant 307 MW SGT5-4000F Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant 100 MW Frame 6B GE Power Plant

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