Used Biodiesel Glycerin Feedstuff Plant

Biodiesel power plant


Used Biodiesel Glycerin Feedstuff Plant

General Information

  • The biodiesel production      facility      was  built in      2007         and put   into operation         in
  • Due to     lack  of     raw  material  supply      base and  unavailability of     a       railway    track         for    transportation         purposes, the   production      facility      was  closed      down        in

General  Information

The complete complex is available, including:

Full  complex  for  receiving and  storing     up    to 4,000 tons  of rapeseed.

Preparation of rapeseed for processing, a water treatment complex, a complex of       steam boilers, processing and the complete         cycle of production      of biodiesel, glycerin, and rapeseed feedstuff.

Full  storage    complex, as well as a loading rack forfinished products.         Weighing station for two trucks. Available   as     a full complex, without buildings and structures, the entire cycle for the production         of biodiesel, glycerine, and rapeseed feedstuff. Transportation, dismantling,    and  installation supervision services are     available.

Raw  Materials

  • Demand for raw materials (rape): 200.000 tons/year
  • Biodisel production: 120.000 tons/year
  • o Pharmaglycerin production : 10.000 tons/year
  • o Rapeseed feedstuff production: 55,000   tons/year


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