4.2 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

4.2 MW Gas Turbine
second hand gas turbine power plant
4.2 MW Gas Turbine


Date of manufacture:1995 

Power rating ISO:4.2 MW 

Efficiency:% 27.92 

Fuel Configuration:Natural Gas 
Mounting:Frame mounted 


Operating Hours(Package):32000-;41772=9772

Operating Hours(GasGenerator): 32000-41772=9772

Operating Hours(Power Turbine): 32000-41772=9772

Number Starts:655 

Special Tooling:Yes 

Blance of Plant

Turbine Control System:Modular 

Main Air Filtranon House:Yes 
Air Dacung:Yes 

Air Silencer:Yes 

Exhaust Duct:Yes 

Exhaust Silencer:Yes Yes

Fire&Gas System:Yes x

Fire&Gas Detectors:Yes 

Main Gearbox


Type: Star

RPM: 1500

Running hours: 41293


Date of manufacturer: 1995

Power output Kva: 6090

RPM: 1500

Hertz: 50

Power factor: 0.8

Kw: 5176.5

Amps: 320

Volts: 11000

HV&MV Electrical Equipment

My Motor Control Contre: Auto&Manuel

Metering&Protection: 350/1-A class 1 15 VA aad 350/A

Generator Control Panel: Auto&Manuel

Synchrenisnig: Auto&Manuel

Voltage Regulation: C10/120-m Type AVR


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